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Goal #1

Teachers and students have noticed, through reflection and qualitative data, a need for increased grit, tenacity, persistence, resilience, self-regulation, and responsibility.  
All students will have an authentic, innovative, deep learning experience that exemplifies the Character competency of the NPDL Core Competencies and is measured by a student self-assessment.

Goal #3

Teachers have noticed that students lack a general understanding of careers in their field of instruction, requirements of such careers, and work-based skills such as resume and professional writing, interviewing, and portfolio creation.
All students will be provided with an opportunity to participate in work-based learning activities that connect them with experiences, professionals, and skills in their career filed of interest.

Goal #2

Examining class work, teachers and administrators have observed that the majority of students have limited or emerging achievement evidence as measured on the NPDL Creative competency rubric. 
All students will have an authentic, innovative, and deep learning experience that exemplifies the Creativity competency, as outlined in the NPDL rubric, and measured by achieving a developing or above Deep Learning Progression proficiency rating.