Building Goals & Accountability

Building Goals


Goal #1

Teachers and students have noticed, through reflection and qualitative data, a need for increased grit, tenacity, persistence, resilience, self-regulation, and responsibility.  All students will have an authentic, innovative, deep learning experience that exemplifies the Character competency of the NPDL Core Competencies and is measured by a student self-assessment.

Goal #2

Examining class work, teachers and administrators have observed that the majority of students have limited or emerging achievement evidence as measured on the NPDL Creative competency rubric. All students will have an authentic, innovative, and deep learning experience that exemplifies the Creativity competency, as outlined in the NPDL rubric, and measured by achieving a developing or above Deep Learning Progression proficiency rating.

Goal #3

Teachers have noticed that students lack a general understanding of careers in their field of instruction, requirements of such careers, and work-based skills such as resume and professional writing, interviewing, and portfolio creation.

All students will be provided with an opportunity to participate in work-based learning activities that connect them with experiences, professionals, and skills in their career filed of interest.

Points of Pride

As a high school, we continue to receive accolades in the state and nation for our graduation rate, performance, and rigor. Some of our school highlights include:
· 98% High School Graduation Rate
· 98% of graduates attend college 
· Great School’s 2019 & 2018 College Success Award
· Bridge Magazine’s 2019Michigan Academic State Champ Award
· Newsweek’s 2019 Top High School Award
· Niche’s 2017 Best SchoolsAward
· Center for MI 2017 Academic State Champion Award
· Mackinac Center’s 2016 Outstanding AchievementAward
· Washington Post’s 6thMost Challenging High School in Michigan 
· Recognized by Michigan Department of Education as a High Performing Reward School
· Secured multiple grants & alternative funding sources, including the:
- 2019 Outdoor Classroom Kiwanis & Troy Foundation Grant
- 2017 Maker Space Troy Foundation Grant
- 2016 Innovative Learning Grant
- 2015 & 2016 YSA Innovative Schools Grant
- 2013 TRIG Grant

· Raised over $975,400 during Athens Charity Weeks. Totals for the last three years are: $155,416.35 (2017), $151,813.77 (2018), and $130,035.71 (2019).

We also continue to have individual student success.  A few highlights from last year include: 185 Red Hawks received a 1st Place state, national, and/or international award, 11 were National Merit Commended Scholars, 3 were National Merit Finalists, 13 students obtained a perfect SAT section test score, 3 students obtained a perfect SAT score & 4students obtained a perfect ACT score. 73 students had above a 4.0 GPA, 16athletes were given a partial or full college scholarship, and the Class of 2019 earned 6 million dollars in scholarships.