Hello and thank you for your interest in Athens High School.

I am honored and proud to be the principal of AHS and to be a part of the Troy School District.

Athens is a high achieving, nationally acclaimed high school. Recent highlight’s include receiving: Great Schools College Success Award, Bridge Magazine’s Michigan Academic State Champ Award, Newsweek’s Top High School Award, the Governor’s Educational Service Leadership Award, Niche’s Best Schools Award, the Center for MI’s Academic State Champion Award,  and the Mackinac Center Outstanding Achievement Award. 98% of our students graduate in four years and 96% of our students attending college with 6 million dollars in scholarship. 95% of students take 1 or more college level course (AP, dual enrollment, & articulated) prior to graduating, and 56% of students are scholar athletes. We are also known for our Charity Week, in which students raise over $100,000 each year to support those in need. 

Athens is great because we have the winning formula: wonderful kids, incredible parents, exceptional staff, and a diverse and supportive community. We want every student and adult to have success and happiness.We want our Red Hawks to be strong, smart, creative, kind, empathetic, happy, resilient, and capable. We want them to do things that will change their life and the world for the better.

To achieve this, we function as a family and perform as a world class high school. Our mission, vision, values and goals guide all actions.

  • Our mission is to Ensure Learning Today & Inspiring Learning Tomorrow.
  • Our vision is that each student achieves 1 year’s growth or more in 1 years’ time in every class. 
  • We value innovation and collective efficacy, which is the belief that what we do makes a difference, and we champion moral character: Be thoughtful. Act with integrity. Make an impact.
  • Our goal is to for every student and staff member to feel valued and accepted and to be happy they are at Athens.
  • We are committed to hiring, training and supporting exceptional teachers who will provide every student with a nurturing, inclusive environment and a Deep Learning experience in every class. 

Kids deserve a school that believes in them and an environment in which they believe in themselves. They deserve to experience new and exciting things. They deserve to be challenged and see the possibilities in life. We are committed to this; we are committed to our students. It is our belief that these values and actions will enable us to become World Class.

And, we want families to help us. All are welcome at Athens. If you are a parent, community member, or student, we want to know you, and we want you to be involved. We want you to come to events, keep us informed, talk to us, and join our groups. We want you to share your talents and kindness and extend learning beyond our halls. The more we work together, the better it is for all and the more we achieve.

If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know!

Wishing all a great year!

Dr. Dixon
Principal Athens High School
(248) 823-2905
One Troy

“Athens is dedicated to ensuring all students learn deeply and graduate College & Career Ready.”