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Why Participate?

Why Participate?

Athens High School offers Activity Letters to students who are involved in the school's extracurricular programs. A total of 100 points is necessary to receive a letter. Points are cumulative over the student's four years at Athens High School. Activity points are awarded at the discretion of the activity advisor based on 1-5 points for semester activities and 1-15 points for yearlong activities. Further, leadership within a student organization is awarded 1-5 points annually at the discretion of the advisor. Grade point average points are per semester with points awarded as follows:

10 points 3.5 - 4.0 GPA
8 points 3.0 - 3.49 GPA
6 points 2.75 - 2.99 GPA
4 points 2.5 - 2.74 GPA
2 points 2.0 - 2.49 GPA

Students are responsible for keeping personal records of their own points. Upon earning a total of 100 points and after turning in their completed Verification Forms to the Activities Director, applicants will receive their Activity Letter.


Bill Turner - Activities Director - 248.823.2932



WHO? Students who are involved in several extra-curricular activities while still maintaining a respectable GPA.
WHAT? An Athens High School letter (identical to athletic varsity letters) and the opportunity to purchase a varsity-type jacket.
WHEN? Students: As freshmen, students begin to accumulate participation points and academic bonus points. Upon accumulating 100 points, students apply for an activity letter.
Sponsors: Yearly, sponsors submit the Master Member Point List to Activities Director.
WHERE? Students: Students receive Verification Forms and Letters from the Activities Director's office.
Sponsors: Sponsors receive Master Member Point Lists and Individual Member Point Lists from the Activities Director each September.
WHY? To receive visible recognition for participation in school activities and for achieving scholastically.
HOW? Students: In early May of each school year students visit each activity sponsor to receive point assignments. Students also visit their counselors to verify GPA. Once 100 points have been earned, students apply to the Activities Director for a letter.
Sponsors: Throughout the year tally student participation for each member on the Individual Member Point List. In early May, complete Master Member Point List and give to the Activities Director.



Activities: Up to 30 points for year-long activity
Up to 15 points for semester activity

Academic: 10 points for 3.5 or above GPA
(per semester) 5 points for 3.0-3.49 GPA

Leadership: Up to 10 points for holding an office per year



1. Pick up a Verification Form in the Activities Director's office or from the activity advisor in late April.
2. Each year, list all extra-curricular groups in which you were a member and offices you have held.
3. Write in each sponsor's name.
4. In early May, go to the sponsors for your point assignments for each different extra-curricular group. Have the sponsor write in the number of points you received that year.
5. Make sure that each sponsor signs next to the points in the space for verification signature.
6. List your semester grade point averages in the designated columns.
7. Each semester take the Verification Form to your counselor to have the grade points verified from your student records.
8. Have your counselor sign next to each grade point average in the space for verification signature.
9. You are responsible for updating this Verification Form from year to year. Keep it in a safe place. Do NOT lose the form.
10. When you have 100 points, bring the completed form back to the Activities Director for your letter and a card enabling you to purchase a letter jacket.