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Athens HS  |  Pickup & Drop Off Driving Expectations for Parents/Students

Photo of AHS Front Staff Parking Lot Driving Loop
Photo of AHS Front Staff Parking Lot


First page of the PDF file: Athens Driving, Parking and Safety Expectations PDF with Map and Color Coded Diagram
We need your help!!  All Parents who are dropping off student lot should drive the perimeter of the parking lot and exit on the far West side.
DO NOT drive in, turn around and head back into the oncoming traffic or into the students crossing the back parking lot entering the school.  The student drop off area in the front of the building (picture to left) should be used for student drop offs and pickup.  The faculty lot (picture to the left) should not be used for student drop off or pickup.
Please comply with our guidelines. 
We do not want....
  • Any student to get hurt
  • Any Accidents
  • To have to prohibit drop-offs in the back student lot, which makes lines longer in front.

With winter weather approaching, please plan to arrive to school a little earlier. It takes longer to get to school and to get into the building when there is snow or sleet. Additionally, please prioritize everyone's safety. No student should ever be dropped off in the front faculty parking lot. Please use the front drop-off loop in front of the building. No non-staff member's car should ever enter the receiving parking lot. Finally, please pay attention when your car is moving. Today a staff member was almost hit in the cross walk by a parent driving forward while looking at their student entering the building instead of looking forward as the car was moving.

Also remember, I would rather a student be late, than rush.  I excuse tardies when we have inclement weather.

Thank you for your help keeping everyone safe,

Mr. V. Burden