The Athens Senior All-Night Party is a tradition that goes back over 20 years. It is an event planned and run by parent volunteers for graduating seniors to celebrate their graduation and socialize with their classmates in a safe environment. The party starts at 10:00 PM and ends at 5:30 AM and the price of a ticket includes food, entertainment, games, music and many surprises. It is a lock-in event which means once a student enters, he/she is not able to leave until the next morning. Athens is a smoke-free campus.

For the All Night Party to continue we are looking for additional people who like planning parties and/or willing to lead.  More people make the work light !  There are many opportunities to get involved in different roles to fit what you enjoy doing and your schedule.  We welcome anyone to join us in this fun event that is planned all year long and ultimately enjoyed by so many seniors in a safe environment.   If you would like more information about the positions or are interested in volunteering, please contact the Treasurer at