Terrace Cafe

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How do I make a Reservation

Lear more about our reservation system on our official website:

Terrace CafeClick to make a reservation

  • Please follow the reservations link, select a table. Select a seat at the table and use the drop down menu to pre-order your food.  Tell the friends that you are dining with what table you reserved and they can add themselves to your table and pre-order their food.
  • Please DO NOT select a seat at a table with people that you do not know.  All people on the reservation will be seated together.
  • If the allotted number of tables for that lunch is full, select another date.
  • You can make reservations up to 3 days in advance.
  • You will pay for your food upon arrival. 
  • Up to 5 people from the same lunch period can eat together.  
  • Everyone MUST order their food by 9:00 AM in order for their pre-order to go through
  • Please remember that if you need to change/cancel your reservation for any reason you need to log back in to the reservation system and make the changes by 9:00 am on the day of your reservation. 
  • If you fail to cancel your reservation you will be charged for the food that you ordered.  No further reservations will be accepted until you pay your balance.

Who can eat in the terrace?

  • Everyone is welcome to dine in the Terrace. We are open to staff, parents and members of the general public.  We save a specific number of student tables every lunch. 
  • In order to get everyone back to class on time, all students MUST make a reservation and pre-order their food.

When is the Terrace Open?

  • We are open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30-12:30.  (We are always closed on Monday).  If there is a half day or early dismissal day we will not be open.  Please check the Terrace Website calendar tab for our schedule for the year.
  • Where do they get the food that is served in the Terrace?
  • The students in the Commercial Foods, Commercial Baking and Terrace Café Classes make it, every day from scratch.  They helped to create the menu and have been training since the beginning of the school year in sanitation, safety and different cooking techniques to learn to help to run the restaurant. 

Who works in the terrace?

Mr. Matthes runs the dining room and Mrs. Olsen is the Chef/Instructor in the kitchen. But, the Terrace is a class.  All of the servers and cooks and kitchen workers are students.  For many of them, this is their first opportunity to explore what it would be like to work in a restaurant.  They are following a curriculum for which they can earn college credit.  They will rotate through every station and learn all aspects of the restaurant business.

Can and Should we Tip our server?

Just like any other restaurant a tip is a gesture of gratitude for good service.  Tipping is appreciated but never expected.  Any tip that is collected in the Terrace should go into the tip jar by the register.  Those monies are deposited into our Tip account.  It is used to fund the Terrace Café Scholarship for students who further their education in the fields of Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management or Baking and Pastry Arts.  We also use part of the tip fund to pay for special field trips for our students during the year.

How can I pay & additional information

  • We accept cash and Credit/Debit cards.  We are not a part of the school lunch system.  You cannot use your lunch account in the Terrace.
  • If you have special dietary needs, please let us know.  Many of our menu items can be modified to accommodate dietary requests.  You can make special requests when you pre-order your food.
  • Please remember, when you dine with us you are a guest in our classroom.  Your best manners, patience and respect are fully expected.